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Still a Backslidden Bodhisattva, but now in Japan. Just hangin' in there until I can move to Toukyou. I have to say, I'm really surprised that I'm as taken with Toukyou as I am considering that I've always had a soft spot for Oosaka and Kansai-ben and especially that I hate crowds and noise, but...


What can I say? I never feel more at peace, like I was finally home, than I do when I'm in Toukyou. Funny, ne?

Co-moderator of konitan_passion and fujita_love

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OMFG KONISHI-KUN IS SO HAWT!! Let's all marry him!!!!!!
Konishi Hiroki is SO MUCH LOVE.

Konishi Hiroki as Shinji is love.

Which Prince of Tennis team do you belong on?

The scappy good hearted underdogs with something to prove, oh yeah baby! Plus you get to be on the same team with Kamio and Shinji, that's worth being compared to alley cats all the time eh...
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